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Psychic Skype

 Psychic Reading via Skype! 
Book Now Only £30!!

I have been using email as a tool to give psychic email readings for over a decade now! 
I have found this method helpful and allows connection with those who live overseas, at a distance or those who cannot travel.
 I have had very good results with email readings and have clients who return to me time and time again. Now I am able to connect with my clients on a more personal basis. 

Just like a Psychic One to One Psychic Reading this Skype reading aids connection resulting in a more detailed and accurate reading.
 Ask questions and talk over any issues or problems that you are experiencing. Allow me to help, guide and bring light to situations. 

The Psychic Skype Reading is practised using the aid of Tarot Cards. 
 The reading is expected to last 30 - 40 mins and is priced at £30

 How it Works!
 The psychic Skype reading is available by appointment only! 
Please email or text for appointment availability. 
Email -  Mob - 07776354628 

 When an appointment time is agreed, payment can be made via PayPal to confirm your appointment time.
,The only details I will ask for is your Skype username.
 There is nothing else to do but wait for your Skype call at the agreed appointment time. 
 For further dtls, help and assistance please contact me.

 Thank you 
Nicola Jayne

Customer comments

*Thanks again Nicola Jayne, I am still stunned by how much was accurate in the reading, and some of the things you talked about only confirmed, what i was already thinking and feeling. Thanks Mel x

*This reading gave me comfort and insight, i'm pleased that i found your website Nicola. Thank you. Love and light - Kerry

*Although the wifi connection dropped a couple of times, the reading was really insightful and accurate and i was given a little extra time to make up for the wifi problem. Thanks again :) - Laura

*Thanks for the guidance and insight Nicola, and it was really great to talk to you also. I find i have better clarity to situations. All the best Ken.

 Note: You must ensure that you have fully configured and tested your webcam and software prior to your appointment time. Please expect to sit comfortable for 30 - 40 mins. A 24hr notice is required when cancelling appointments, failure to keep your appointment without cancellation notice will result in loss of payment.


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