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Comments left from Clients

One to One Psychic Readings.

Nicola made me feel right at home, she has amazing energy and a fun personality. My reading was pretty amazing, she drew upon events from my past, present and future and all of which made perfect sense. She even picked up on things that happened to me the day I saw her! Not only did Nicola give me amazing insight, but she also gave me guidance and reassurance and for that I could not thank her enough. Nicola you have something pretty special, you have the ability to draw upon instances from the past, future and the immediate presence and I know you will continue to touch people's lives. I will be coming back to see you soon. Becks xx 

 Thank you for your reading, you mentioned so much that was very accurate, thank you I will return and I will recommend. - Lauren. 

Nicola Jayne is a genuine Psychic! All I can say is I sat there and was blown away! She was spot on, just spot on, with so many things. What she said about the future only confirmed what I was already feeling myself. Thank you Nicola Jayne. - Janet.

 My First Reading With You, I left thinking, well that doesn't ring true! but over the year a lot came about, and a lot came clear, I am impressed. I've been back twice! - Barbara. I have recommended Nicola Jayne to friends and Family and have been to visit her a couple of times myself, I find her to be friendly, welcoming and relaxed. The readings are very accurate, the first time I saw Nicola Jayne she told me my son's name, the month of his birth and the area he worked! I was impressed!- Heather. 

Thank you for the Reading Nicola, this was my first reading ever, and I am amazed. I feel better about many situations in my life, you gave me answers to many questions that I had been asking myself. - Jennifer :) x

 Thank you for the reading, the reading was very accurate, insightful and very much appreciated, Thanks Again. Love and Light - Jo. My Friend organized a Reading for me with Nicola Jayne for my birthday has a treat. I am going through a Divorce and my friend thought this was a good time to find a little guidance. The Reading was very uplifting, accurate and insightful, I was very impressed as Nicola highlighted so many situations in my life and re-assured me about many concerns about my future. My mum also came through which was a lovely surprise, this experience was amazing. This was a wonderful Birthday present. Thank you - Vanessa xx

     Comments left From clients of Email Readings.

 Hi Nicola Jayne, Thankyou for your reading. I lost my dad when I was 4 and I cannot remember him which has caused many emotional feelings over the years. Although I can't remember him I feel an overwhelming bond that as never gone away and I don't think ever will. The very small amount I have been told about him is exactly how you described him and I am completely blown away! I feel I have in some way made a connection with him, something I though I would never do. Very strange but a very nice feeling. You have an amazing gift that I believe is going to have a great impact on my life! Just wish I had found you sooner! Thanks again. Claire x

 Dear Nicola, Thank you so much for your encouraging reading. I have been feeling very lost and empty due to recent circumstances in my life, and I now feel I have something more to aim for, and to not give up on things. The descripstion of me was also a very true one! Thanks again. Best wishes Lucy

 Hello Nicola Jayne, I am emailing you to thank you. I did not know what to expect from this and this is my first ever reading. I would like to congratulate you in that most of this was accurate. I thought it was a lovely reading which as made me realise I need to value myself more, something I already knew anyway. Most of the future predictions in the reading had confirmed what I already needed to know. I am in awe of your abilities, as I did not ask you specific questions but you pretty much gave me the answers I needed to work with. I would like to say I would definitely use your services again if I needed to. Thank you so much once again. Many Thanks. Nicola. 

Trully Wonderful !!! Very gifted lady, Amazing Reading!! Angel Herself!' - Esther xx

 Dear Nicola Jayne, I am emailing you to thank you for your reading. I am going through a lot of emotional problems with my marriage, and you really picked up on that. You really gave me a lot to think about. You have made me realize that my life as not ended but just beginning. Your words, I found where touching, supportive and truly inspiring. I found your reading to be accurate and insightful, I didn't even ask you any questions! You are a very gifted lady. Thank you. Rob.

 'The BEST reading of my LIFE!!! 100%accurate and my grandad came through! Amazing' - Joanna 

'Really,*Amazing*! Very Accurate, incredible, i'll purchase again! THANKYOU' - Lou x

 'This Lovely Reading lifts me up each time I read it, Beautiful Guidance, Thanks'- Laura 

'The Reading was Amazing, Spot on, and has made me feel 100% Better, Thanks Nicola Jayne' - Angela.

 Comments from students of Psychic Development Course.

 "The best course I have been on, I have felt I have got more out of this eight weeks than any before". - Caroline

 "I Don't want it to end, I'm going to miss everyone, I've got so much out of this, Thanks Nicola".- Lauren

 To sum up the last 8 weeks of the psychic development course.....brilliant!!! The topics covered have been highly important for us to be able to learn more about ourselves. Its true that looking within is the key to looking out, and with this course we have learnt how to access this fabulous gift in comfortable and safe surroundings without feeling like we were only beginners. I personally feel I have come on leaps and bounds in the last 8 weeks and I only wonder what this journey has in store in the weeks, months and years to come. I'm a damn site closer to meeting my spirit guide than what i was when i started. The background information we were given is second to none. I would definately recommended this course to anyone who is interested in their own psychic development. Nicola is brilliant and makes a good cuppa to boot!! - Luke

 The psychic development course run by Nicola Jayne allows you the opportunity to connect with spirit and consider issues of personal philosophy and belief in a welcoming, caring environment where there is no hidden agenda. Nicola Jayne is both a gifted clairvoyant and a natural teacher who is compassionate and encouraging. The development course was uplifting and rewarding. It also provided a chance to form new friendships with the other members of the group. A lovely and worthwhile experience that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in increasing their knowledge of, and connection with, the world of spirit, and, in turn, learning much more about themselves. Thank you very much, Nicola Jayne, for providing such a fantastic eight weeks. I shall really miss Monday evenings. - Jo xx

 Thanks so much for some insightful, fullfilling and fun lessons. This is exactly the direction I was looking for on this new path that I'm taking in life. We just stumbled across your website at that 'right' moment and it was definately 'meant to be'. I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the course. Thanks Again - Louise 

To Nicola, Thank you so much for your Guidance, wisdom and care. The journey you have guided us along so far has shown me things that I never thought possible, and I truly look forward to all that I am yet to discover and learn. You have been such an inspiration! Good Luck with all that you're working towards. Love and Hugs - Laura xx

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